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Working with SaSS

Last updated on August 20 2015

Get started with Sass

There are a couple of ways to start using Sass: one of them is by installing a small application on your computer. There are a good many applications that will get you up and running with Sass in a few minutes for Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can download most of the applications for free but a few of them are paid apps (and totally worth it).

Refer this this page to learn more


Think of variables as a way to store information that you want to reuse throughout your stylesheet. You can store things like colors, font stacks, or any CSS value you think you’ll want to reuse. Sass uses the $ symbol to make something a variable.

Customize your site

Once you are ready to work with SaSS, open the file that contains all the variables for the theme within your code editor:/scss/variables/_*.scss.

Change any variables you want to modify, save and compile your changes. Upload the compiled style.css file to your web server located at /style.css.

You are done.